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Urban Blue Defence

Urban Blue Defence is specifically formulated to triple protect the skin against all types of photo and environmental pollution, including HEV (Hight Energy Visible), Blue Light emitted by computers, tablets, smartphones.

Start protecting your skin as early as 20years with this amazing treatment maintaining the integrity of the skins DNA, whilst eliminating toxins, re oxygenating and restoring skin back to a healthy radiant glow. As part of your home care regime we highly recommend using Crystal Tomato’s Beyond Sun Protection to maintain a daily protective barrier whether outdoor or sitting at your tech device.

Total Price $268

  • Double Cleansing Treatment
  • Urban Blue Defense Exfoliation Treatment
  • Oxygenate Machine
  • High Tech Lymph Drainage Detox Face Massage
  • Urban Blue Defence Booster Treatment
  • Energising Bubbling Oxygenating Mask
  • Relaxing Shoulder Massage
  • Urban Blue Defense Serum Moisturiser and Sunscreen application

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